Ripple Snapper

I am continuing with variations on themes, working through combinations of geometric forms with different types of movement. In particular, this sketch involves oscillation, where the lines parallel the oscillating movements of the circles. There is fine tuning that goes into the rhythm of the sketches, including manipulating frame rates, which is the means of keeping track of time in processing. I find these sketches tend to induce anxiety, with the challenge balancing it with a sense of calm. These exercises are also begetting me to think about interaction, or to draw attention to interaction through futility.

I also want to comment on the title. Thus far, I have created my own titles, but this time I kept one of the ones auto generated by the p5.js online editor as it captures what I am trying to convey well. I may stick to this more often, though at some stage I hope to create my own artwork title generator.

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