Time Bass


I am continuing to work with oscillations and I continue with variations up recurrent themes, colours and forms. I was referencing both Generative Design and the Nature of Code when putting together this piece. The sketch has striking differences when it comes to being viewed on different screen sizes, as the size of the circles, the number, and quality of wave motion varies in relation to size. I am also exploring ways to present interactivity that is slightly obscured, but not too opaque. The length and vertical placement of the wave of circles varies depending on mouse location/touching screen. Part of the process of engagement comes to be about figuring out how it works and what the medium is capable. Processing involves an open sharing of source code, which I engage with using exploratory methods (see Nick Montfort, Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities). That does not mean I do not write my own code, but it does mean that I am working with it as a material while learning from the experiences of others. Some fragments have been appropriated, but are combined and modified through a pastiche of bits and bytes. As a result of this open sharing framework is that there is an aesthetic quality to Processing graphics. My process of making regularly is also about developing a style.