Displacement Fatigue


Here I worked with the combined waves exercise from the Nature of Code, though modified to abstract the simulated quality. I am interested in the tensions that these designs interact and what I hope is a curiosity through the interactions. There is an odd quality to working and presenting regularly and in small doses, as this has been. There is a sense of exposure and vulnerability as the processes are put out in the open. There is always a kind of demystification, as I make sure to reference my sources and point explicitly to the influences and code that is appropriated. Such techniques are common in creative coding, hence the open availability of the code in the first place, though it points to my connection to the community of makers that I draw from, removing illusions of originality. The intention is not to create new code — that hype of innovation — but instead to work with it as material. Since my medium is digital and web based, I have created my own little residency on the web. Seems a bit early net.art, but I find there is a quality of nostalgia to these sketches.