Indeterminate System

For this sketch, I returned to a generative play with images that I have used in previous works (Milk Drunk), where a series of still images are animated in a random order to create a never ending looping animation that does not repeat. I pulled one image per second from a video I shot with my daughter, where I moved in response to her movements as I held her hands. The final version through the Github link has 90 images (testing the limits of how many the sketch can handle without breaking), though the embedded version here only has 30 due to size limits of the p5.js editor. Please be patient as it takes time to load the full array, with each image about 1 mb.

Conceptually, this piece connects to the aesthetics of interruption that I have made art, written, and theorized about extensively for the past few years, including my forthcoming book with Bloomsbury, The Maternal, Digital Subjectivity, and the Aesthetics of Interruption. I also wanted to create a simple generative piece (compared to other pieces, the code is minimal), as I having been feeling quite worn down lately in my capacity to think — the grinding burnout of this pandemic.

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