New articles relating to Emergent

I have published a few new pieces based on work I have created over the past year as part of Emergent. The first is an interview with Meabh McNutt in Cois Coribe, NUI Galway’s outreach publication. In this interview, I discuss my artistic practice more generally and how it relates to my scholarship and teaching. In addition, I also have a new essay in Circa Art Magazine, “Indeterminate System: A Sketch of the Pandemic,” which is reflection on the process of creating emergent and how sketching functioned as a way of coping with the pandemic, including ideas originally sketched out in this blog. It also contains embedded p5.js sketches, some of which are interactive.

In addition, MichaĆ«le Cutaya has published an article in the magazine Art Monthly,On the Surface“, in which she discusses Emergent, with a particular focus on Indeterminate System.