Sedentary Productivity

I am continuing to work with FitBit data, focusing on how to convey inactivity. For this sketch I just incorporate the sedentary minutes and the step data, though also including a live video stream from the Webcam (it seems this does not work in the embedded version, only the full page version at the link). An image is taken every 30 frames (every 2 seconds at current framerate of 15 fps). These form a temporary grid, evocative of Eadward Muybridge’s motion studies. Muybridge’s image captured animals in motion, though the web cam feed captures a person using their phone or computer, resulting in images where not much seems to change. I wanted to incorporate this feature, since I noticed that my activity minutes decrease when I work more, and due the to the pandemic, any time I could have to work is severely restricted. Thus, my time for productivity becomes my time of being sedentary.