Flicker Show

It is a start; the flickering of memories: https://elputnam.github.io/FlickerShow/.

When I initially started learning Processing, it was to find ways to manipulate photographs that exceeded what I could do in Photoshop. I appreciate how working with code enables the computer to have agency in the process of creating a work, performing repetitive tasks with mathematical precision and speed that exceed what I can do. The pseudorandomness also appeals to me; despite being perfectionist (or perhaps because of it), I have trouble with precision. For the most part when working with p5js, I have so far stuck to generative animations and creating graphics. I want to get back to processing bitmap images. I have started with animating one of my collages I have created as part of the Phase Relation series. This piece is more of a hack, with the image broken into 9 pieces and imported as individual images that are uploaded as an array. This version was more about becoming familiar with layout and testing using the Invert filter. I am avoiding live glitching for now (as I did with Quickening and Digital Storge), as that involves its own challenges.