Phase Relation

A tourist, as a visitor to a place, uses the camera as a means to capture and connect. Photographs become evidence of a visitor, but also souvenirs of experience. I love exploring a place with a camera as it enables to look closer and stay curious. I have always loved to shoot minor details and obscured perspectives — to make strange through the lens. I continue this process when editing, taking two photos that are of the same thing from different perspectives, or photos of different things from same place, merging them to create something that is recognizable but also obscured through a tenuous grasp on representation. I want the viewer to look twice, look closer; let confusion lead to curiosity, much like my own experiences of wandering a place.

In the following series there are both analogue photographs shot in Havana, Cuba in 2007 and manipulated digital images. The analogue images are shot as double exposures using a Holga, a plastic toy camera notorious for its light leaks. I have also included images from Cuba that merge digital photographs shot by myself and my father, who passed away suddenly in 2019.

Vilnius, Lithuania (2023)

Havana, Cuba (2007)

Combined images by EL and David Putnam