Patria o Muerte

For this one I decided to combine images taken from the same place, but looking in different directions. Shot along the Malecon, I combine my capture of political words and images juxtaposed to images my father shot of people fishing. I thought my dad had more political content in his work, but that is where my eye travelled. I will need to go explore my analogue images from 2004 to see if I have more. Shannon’s comments have given me permission to engage with content that I was too nervous to dive into, for fear of offending.

I also experimented on the technical side by creating a shuffling grid. This version was a bit of a hack. I broke down an image into 16 parts and put them into an array that I shuffled. I could probably do it more elegantly in the code by copying the pixels and then rearranging, but I am pleased with the outcome visually so it is more a prototype. The number of images in this one pushed the capacity of the computer as well. I wanted the figures to change to different ones during the shuffle sequences, but the addition of those photos made it too laggy. I don’t know if I have the time and capacity to work with code of that sort at the moment, due to having very little time to work, but I am earmarking this for later. I am reaching a limit in my current image manipulation skills and will need to start engaging more advanced techniques soon.