Expanded Present

https://preview.p5js.org/fleshcircuit/present/_OpCkhFLP I started this sketch adapting Dan Shiffman’s repeller example from the Nature of Code. I am interested in capturing qualities of action and reaction, and this example represents it well. I made a number of modifications, such as having the repeller move along the x-axis along with the mouse/touchpad and the qualities of movements …

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Glib Drive (Biometric Version)

https://elputnam.github.io/GlibDrive/ I have not been posting much lately in terms of the daily sketches because I have been working to prepare four sketches (Viral Time, Peat Bramble, Tether, and Glib Drive) for public presentation. This process has involved adding text and buttons to move between pages, as well as integrating biometric data in Glib Drive. …

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Displacement: A Poetic Meditation on Performance, Time, and Virtual Connections Click the image above to begin. Warning: contains flashing images.

Broad Pixie

https://elputnam.github.io/BroadPixie/ I have not created many sketches where the images are trying to represent something in particular — I tend to lean towards the abstract. This started with wanting to create honey comb, though I was using a model of not overlapping circles by Daniel Shiffman in his YouTube series Coding Train. However, the hexagon …

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Time is glitchy

https://editor.p5js.org/fleshcircuit/present/3D6dOIPuRI have an ambivalent relationship with text when it comes to producing art. I find text to be quite loaded and can easily dominate a work, though as I prepare the first public iteration of the project, I know text is going to be necessary. Even though I have been working with Processing for years, …

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Peat Bramble

https://elputnam.github.io/PeatBramble/ I have returned to the grid as a base form, though I have begun experimenting with lerpColor() as a means of combining colours, as opposed to just randomly selecting hues within a range. The pixel array is the same from Scarce Burst, though with the squares enlarged to make them stand out more against …

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Dent Petroleum

https://elputnam.github.io/DentPetroleum/ This sketch started with an adaptation from one of the colour palette sketches in Generative Design, adjusted to change automatically and other slight modifications. I added the circles as a geometric contrast, though the layering ripples works well with the build up of colour blocks. Typically I have worked with colour palettes derived from …

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Scarce Burst

https://elputnam.github.io/ScarceBurst/ Continuing my study of utilising simulation models and object oriented programming through the Nature of Code, I worked with a simple particle system here using an array. The emitter corresponds to mouse placement or tapping touch screen. The scanning line incorporates angst that has been underlying most of these sketches, contrasting the smooth trajectories …

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Glib Drive

https://preview.p5js.org/fleshcircuit/present/Xok_O0YsG I started listening to vaporwave as I work after reading Roisin Kiberd’s The Disconnect: A Personal Journal Through the Internet. The sonic textures are evocative of an earlier era of digital culture, which I find matches the graphic elements of this sketch. Unlike a screensaver, however, traces of colors and forms are left in …

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Displacement Fatigue

https://elputnam.github.io/DisplacementFatigue/ Here I worked with the combined waves exercise from the Nature of Code, though modified to abstract the simulated quality. I am interested in the tensions that these designs interact and what I hope is a curiosity through the interactions. There is an odd quality to working and presenting regularly and in small doses, …

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