Interlooping (2021)

Interlooping is a shared aesthetic encounter which reveals the relationship of the performing human with technology, the non-human, and our collective being. It treats fragility, not as weakness, but as an instigator for connection to others. El Incorporates wool refuse accumulated during the disruption of the international wool trade, in Ireland, due to COVID-19.

Interlooping was livestreamed as part of Livestock: Viral, curated by Francis Fay and Dr. Katherine Nolan, during the 2021 Bealtaine Festival. Sound and technical support by David Stalling. Additional technical support from Atlantic Audio and Alex Fernie. Read Fergus Byrne’s response to the work, “EL Putnam – Works in the Void of the Net” on in:Action.

Square grid with pink, green hues, and yellow with overlay of abstracted hands