i wish you no ill will

i wish you no ill will (2013)

I handed out 200 postcards with the following instructions: “write an anonymous note to someone you have loved and lost. you can write whatever you wish, but you are required to end your note with the sentence: ‘i wish you no ill will.'” The cards were returned to me via USPS and used to build an installation that also incorporated video and sound. Over the course of two weeks, I interacted with gallery visitors who shared their personal stories of heartbreak, read cards out loud (which I recorded and added to the soundscape), and continued to contribute cards. In final performance, the cards were read by me and audience members, and then placed one by one into a shredder. Duration: 1 hour. Documentation by Kurt Cole Eidsvig and Margaret Bellafiore.

One attendee of the final performance, artist and poet Kurt Cole Eidsvig, wrote a poem in response to the work. The text is shared below and can be found at The Present Tense.