Contingent Functions

It has been quite a while since I have worked on daily sketches. I have replaced the blog on the website with a static page and removed it from the site’s menu. In some ways I have considered this aspect of the project finished, now that I have moved onto showing the work in galleries and writing about it.

However, I find myself getting back to sketching occasionally lately, though it is far from the regular practice that it was. I can feel that I have gotten rusty. It takes longer to build the code, to problem solve, to design the space of the sketch. There is strong emphasis on formal elements: overlaying squares building, evocative of Modernism. I have not been putting in interactive qualities, but instead working with different pacings, as animations build. I am also playing with tensions of anxious geometries with limiting the flashing qualities. This current sketch is also one that I have not been responsive to different devices. Instead, the sizes and parameters are fixed points, meaning that on smaller screens, it exceeds the frame.