Anxious Grid

This sketch emerged from reviewing chapter two of Generative Design, which focuses on working with shapes. I adapted one of the sketches to create an anxious grid, also incorporating interactivity through hue changing as the mouse moves over animation from left to right. The grid as a form has fascinated me for some time, including creation of a “drunk grid” in An Invitation. The grid is a form that represents order, or what Rosalind Krauss affiliates with modernism. It is the Apollian attempt to organise, though the Dionysian excess of life tends to defy these structures (to reference Nietzsche and The Birth of Tragedy). When life refuses these ordered structures, anxiety can emerge — anxiety as excess. These are my motivations for creating this anxious grid. I am also finding ways to makes sketches relative to screen size so they work well on large (horizontal) computer screens as well as small (vertical) mobile devices.